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Daddy (Journal 5)

May 12, 2010

I will start off by saying that its not easy being a Dad because I have seen my parents and it truly is difficult, well perhaps now that i will be one I’ll have some of that same medicine. I’ll have to say it is scary knowing that now you’re responsible for a child and its well being. Its a long story but I’ll make it short by starting with my girlfriend and future mother of my child, we met here in college about 6 months ago we started talking and hanging out some time before we decided to be together, after that you know what happened, then after two months or so she tells me she had a missed period for two weeks already. My reaction was holy crap I’m in deep shit what am I going to do with my life? What is going to happen? Am I going to have to go to work and leave college? I had a million questions but since she didn’t tell me she was pregnant I though well maybe that’s normal right? Wrong,  Im an idiot for thinking that. I went  and bought some pregnancy tests in Walgreens and then went back to her house and took it to her we did the test and they came out positive and I like always so ignorant I said to her to take it easy because those things could be wrong and since she was crying what was I suppose to tell her, boy was I wrong again I said man  you’re a double moron, after some test results the real news finally came and she was pregnant. After that we had to tell our parents so we waited some time till we got the guts to tell them, because its not easy to break that kind of news to you’re Dad and Mom remember they don’t want to here that kind of news it’s not good trust me. Well she told her parents they went a little haywire but everything went fine, then it was my time to tell my parents and i didn’t till 2 months later. The way I told them was a little stupid first I told my Mom “hey you know what? you’re going to be a grandmother” after that she wanted to kill me but she didn’t because she is my Mom and she loves me, then everything  just fell into place and now Im pretty happy Im going to be a daddy but still a little scared of what may happen in the future. Like every future parent Im going crazy to know if it’s going to be a boy or girl.


My reaction to Titus (Film)

April 27, 2010


My reaction to the movie Titus was really negative, why? because when a play is adapted into a movie things change because the writer never intended for it to be like that and and titus is no exception, this was a pretty good movie but no I don’t think it was that great, I think Anthony Hopkins  made one of the worst performances of his career because the way he acted seemed like he was trying to much.

My favorite character was titus (but not his representation with Anthony Hopkins) since it represents a man with a lot of respect (since he is a man that everybody knows) and proud (because he thinks that nothing will happen to him). The theme of the movie is revenge since Titus had killed the queens son the queen wanted him to suffer the same loss and that develops into the hole movie. My interpretation of  Tamora is that this is very disturbed person since she loves to see other people suffer. She is very vengeful to the extent of getting her two other son’s and her self  killed. This character is very evil because she wanted nothing but revenge in her life. Lavinia on the other hand was a person ho was really helpless, she was like a child always getting into peoples business and talking rude to people. she was raped and her hands and tongue cut off. Titus Andronicus flaw  was that he acted without ration sometimes like when he cut off  his hand because his daughter lost hers and that he was very vengeful, that is why the movie was so violent  those were some of his flaws.

Now that I have read and seen a play by Shakespeare I think it is better in its read form, since like I said its not the same when adapted into a movie because many elements of what the writer wants are lost in the adaption. Overall it wasn’t the worst adaptation but still it was bad and this movie was to long and that didn’t help on anything.

Compare: A pair of tickets

March 23, 2010

After watching in you tube some of the videos of the joy luck club and reading the story a pair of tickets, I noticed some differences like when in the story the mother leaves her daughters on the side of the road and in the clip watched in you tube she leaves them under a tree, in the movie I did not see the part when the mother leaves the picture with her daughters, I only saw a letter. Another big factor is that in the clips the youngest daughter speaks Chinese and in the story she says that she could only understand a couple of words. In the movie I saw really good represented the way the tree sisters meet is like in the story the tree of them saw each other and cried and she told them how their mother had died. These are some of the differences and similarities of the story A pair of tickets and the clips of the joy luck club.

A Rose For Emily Rewrite

February 17, 2010

So I threw them away just as I did thirty years before about the smell. Two years before that my father died and the man that everyone though would marry me left me. After that I hardly went out and people almost did not see me. I live with a young negro man and that was the only sign of life in my house. People started saying that there was a smell coming from my house. A woman complained to the mayor about the smell but he did not know what to do, he though the it was a rat or something that the nigger had killed. Then 2 more complaints, but still they didin’t know what to do, so they reunited and said they would sent me a letter but that didin’t happend so insted 4 men came at midnight checking my home for the nasty smell. After sometime the sprinkled some lime in the cellar and in all the outbuildings. As they went back I lighted a candle and sat in my chair. They just keep going but with more silence and patience. After like 2 weeks the smell went away. People started felling sorry for me because the though of my ___ ho had gone craze thinking that we held aurshelves a little to high for what we realty were. My father was really protective of me so when I was 30 years old I was still single. When my father died the house was all I had left. The day after he died ladies called at the house to offer condolence and aid. I went out as usual and said that my father was not dead. They tried pursuading me to get rid of the body but I wouldnt lef them, just before they resorted to force I let them take the body and they quickly buried him. But I wasen’t crazy It was just because he had been so protective of me that I was like that to.

Cinderella’s Story

February 10, 2010

     As most of you know Cinderella tells the story of a young woman who is leaving with the ugly stepmother and her two daughters. She lived with her stepmother because her father died and she had no place to go. One day the prince sent invitations to all the houses and invited all single women to his ball. Cinderella was the most beautiful of all girls and since the stepmother wanted at least one of her daughters to marry the prince, she told Cinderella that she couldn’t go because she had to clean the house. This way the prince couldn’t meet her and that way he would never fall in love with her beauty. Since Cinderella was the “slave” of the house she was so angry that she overlooked the rules and got all dressed up.

     When she arrived to the ball she was the center of attention because of her astonishing beauty. There she danced all night long with the prince and they fell in love. At twelve o’ clock she had to leave and as she went down the stairs she lost a slipper because she was in such a hurry. The prince stayed like as if he was in a spell; madly in love. He followed her but he only found the slipper.

    The next day he was looking for that girl who lost the slipper and made him fall in love. He was desperately trying to seek the girl on who it fit. When he got to Cinderella’s home, he tried the slipper on one of the stepsisters and it fits! Cinderella was devastated as she looked how easily her love just slipped away. Even though the slipper was a perfect fit, the prince noticed that his true love was and always will be cinderella and that a slipper will never change that.

   This way the prince married his true love; a common girl. And they lived happily ever after.


My Fable

January 30, 2010

I remember when I was a little lion I used to tell my cousin thet tiger that he should studyso he can become a lawyer because that was his dream. I told him that just like he studied, I would study to become an engineer and now 10 years later I am close to becoming one.

My cousin, the tiger, spent most of his time drinking hanging around with friends who really dindt care about anything. Now my cousin thinks about enlisting in the army and leave behind his studies because he says he is too late for that. When he sees now where I am, he asks himself why didint he keep study like we said we would do?

My Life Fact or Fiction

January 30, 2010

1) When i was a child I burned a farm

2) I am 23 years old

3) I dont have a cat

Hello world!

January 24, 2010

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!