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Daddy (Journal 5)

May 12, 2010

I will start off by saying that its not easy being a Dad because I have seen my parents and it truly is difficult, well perhaps now that i will be one I’ll have some of that same medicine. I’ll have to say it is scary knowing that now you’re responsible for a child and its well being. Its a long story but I’ll make it short by starting with my girlfriend and future mother of my child, we met here in college about 6 months ago we started talking and hanging out some time before we decided to be together, after that you know what happened, then after two months or so she tells me she had a missed period for two weeks already. My reaction was holy crap I’m in deep shit what am I going to do with my life? What is going to happen? Am I going to have to go to work and leave college? I had a million questions but since she didn’t tell me she was pregnant I though well maybe that’s normal right? Wrong,  Im an idiot for thinking that. I went  and bought some pregnancy tests in Walgreens and then went back to her house and took it to her we did the test and they came out positive and I like always so ignorant I said to her to take it easy because those things could be wrong and since she was crying what was I suppose to tell her, boy was I wrong again I said man  you’re a double moron, after some test results the real news finally came and she was pregnant. After that we had to tell our parents so we waited some time till we got the guts to tell them, because its not easy to break that kind of news to you’re Dad and Mom remember they don’t want to here that kind of news it’s not good trust me. Well she told her parents they went a little haywire but everything went fine, then it was my time to tell my parents and i didn’t till 2 months later. The way I told them was a little stupid first I told my Mom “hey you know what? you’re going to be a grandmother” after that she wanted to kill me but she didn’t because she is my Mom and she loves me, then everything  just fell into place and now Im pretty happy Im going to be a daddy but still a little scared of what may happen in the future. Like every future parent Im going crazy to know if it’s going to be a boy or girl.