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My reaction to Titus (Film)

April 27, 2010


My reaction to the movie Titus was really negative, why? because when a play is adapted into a movie things change because the writer never intended for it to be like that and and titus is no exception, this was a pretty good movie but no I don’t think it was that great, I think Anthony Hopkins  made one of the worst performances of his career because the way he acted seemed like he was trying to much.

My favorite character was titus (but not his representation with Anthony Hopkins) since it represents a man with a lot of respect (since he is a man that everybody knows) and proud (because he thinks that nothing will happen to him). The theme of the movie is revenge since Titus had killed the queens son the queen wanted him to suffer the same loss and that develops into the hole movie. My interpretation of  Tamora is that this is very disturbed person since she loves to see other people suffer. She is very vengeful to the extent of getting her two other son’s and her self  killed. This character is very evil because she wanted nothing but revenge in her life. Lavinia on the other hand was a person ho was really helpless, she was like a child always getting into peoples business and talking rude to people. she was raped and her hands and tongue cut off. Titus Andronicus flaw  was that he acted without ration sometimes like when he cut off  his hand because his daughter lost hers and that he was very vengeful, that is why the movie was so violent  those were some of his flaws.

Now that I have read and seen a play by Shakespeare I think it is better in its read form, since like I said its not the same when adapted into a movie because many elements of what the writer wants are lost in the adaption. Overall it wasn’t the worst adaptation but still it was bad and this movie was to long and that didn’t help on anything.