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A Rose For Emily Rewrite

February 17, 2010

So I threw them away just as I did thirty years before about the smell. Two years before that my father died and the man that everyone though would marry me left me. After that I hardly went out and people almost did not see me. I live with a young negro man and that was the only sign of life in my house. People started saying that there was a smell coming from my house. A woman complained to the mayor about the smell but he did not know what to do, he though the it was a rat or something that the nigger had killed. Then 2 more complaints, but still they didin’t know what to do, so they reunited and said they would sent me a letter but that didin’t happend so insted 4 men came at midnight checking my home for the nasty smell. After sometime the sprinkled some lime in the cellar and in all the outbuildings. As they went back I lighted a candle and sat in my chair. They just keep going but with more silence and patience. After like 2 weeks the smell went away. People started felling sorry for me because the though of my ___ ho had gone craze thinking that we held aurshelves a little to high for what we realty were. My father was really protective of me so when I was 30 years old I was still single. When my father died the house was all I had left. The day after he died ladies called at the house to offer condolence and aid. I went out as usual and said that my father was not dead. They tried pursuading me to get rid of the body but I wouldnt lef them, just before they resorted to force I let them take the body and they quickly buried him. But I wasen’t crazy It was just because he had been so protective of me that I was like that to.


Cinderella’s Story

February 10, 2010

     As most of you know Cinderella tells the story of a young woman who is leaving with the ugly stepmother and her two daughters. She lived with her stepmother because her father died and she had no place to go. One day the prince sent invitations to all the houses and invited all single women to his ball. Cinderella was the most beautiful of all girls and since the stepmother wanted at least one of her daughters to marry the prince, she told Cinderella that she couldn’t go because she had to clean the house. This way the prince couldn’t meet her and that way he would never fall in love with her beauty. Since Cinderella was the “slave” of the house she was so angry that she overlooked the rules and got all dressed up.

     When she arrived to the ball she was the center of attention because of her astonishing beauty. There she danced all night long with the prince and they fell in love. At twelve o’ clock she had to leave and as she went down the stairs she lost a slipper because she was in such a hurry. The prince stayed like as if he was in a spell; madly in love. He followed her but he only found the slipper.

    The next day he was looking for that girl who lost the slipper and made him fall in love. He was desperately trying to seek the girl on who it fit. When he got to Cinderella’s home, he tried the slipper on one of the stepsisters and it fits! Cinderella was devastated as she looked how easily her love just slipped away. Even though the slipper was a perfect fit, the prince noticed that his true love was and always will be cinderella and that a slipper will never change that.

   This way the prince married his true love; a common girl. And they lived happily ever after.